Pumpkin seeds the new super food

Does Pumpkin seeds have health benefits?

I grew up on the islands of Jamaica, and as long as I can remember I recall all pumpkin seeds being removed from pumpkins and thrown into the garbage . So imagine my surprise a few years ago when I read that pumpkin seeds were good for you and some kind of super food .
Well me being the curious soul that I am , I didn’t want to not give it a. Shot,it was time for research…..

Here’s what I found
Pumpkin seeds are high in a wide variety of nutrients including magnesium,manganese,zinc, omega 3s, vitamin k,vitamin e,vitamin b group,copper,it’s rich in tryptophan which aids sleep and lowering depression,anti inflammatory properties , assists in prostate health and alleviates difficult urination and assists in building immunity.

Needless to say I am impressed with the listed properties so my next phase was trying these seeds.
The price is very reasonable compared to other nuts. I paid $3 in my local store. The tasted ok ,no after taste but I figured the best way to enjoy them was to add to my yogurt,cereal,or salads. And they are super easy to find

So in my opinion pumpkin seeds receive two thumbs up . So go ahead and give it a try it’s worth it .

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