My little kitty

I have a little kitty whose name is Bae,
She’s the most beautiful kitty I dare say.
She is soft and cuddly And loves to play,
My pretty kitty whose name is Bae.
My little kitty whose name is bae,
She waits by the window every day.
Then upon my arrival She follows me deep into the house,
She rolls on her back with her paws in the air
then waits for me to tend to her there.
She likes it when I rub her tummy.
But sometimes she gets a little grumpy
even then I love my little spunky kitty named Bae.
On days when I am at home all day,She finds her way straight to my bed
Sometimes she’s on the windowsill Or in a comfy spot on my bed
where she then lays her head
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My little kitty named Bae.
She really likes a lot of attention
I give it to her without exception.
I have so many ways to show her affection
To make her feel loved is my intention.
I guess all I’m trying to say is that
I simply just love my little kitty named Bae

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