Applebee’s review

My experience in Applebee’s
I arrived with my daughter and was promptly seated in a booth for two with menus.
Within 5 minutes someone was present to take our order, she was pleasant and professional.

A few minutes later another server just passed by very quickly and dropped some kind of wings on our table stated ” your wings “and kept walking,we looked at each other in surprise because we didn’t order any wings . We stopped a passing server not the one that did the drive by and told them we didn’t order the wings and she took it away.
A few minutes later Tara returned with our drinks and appetizer . We had the spinach & artichoke dip with nachos,frozen mango lemonade and a Bahama mama. Then within five minutes of that our entrees arrived. The Oriental chicken salad and the Applebee’s Riblet basket.The frozen mango lemonade was good ,the Bahama mamma was just ok , the Asian salad was very good an 8 out of ten for me and my daughter loved the rib. I wish they had placed a little more thought in the presentation of the entrees because on first inspection you wouldn’t have thought the food tasted that good just by looking at the dishes .The best thing about this meal was the cost was 2 for 20, which meant that for me and my daughter it cost a total $20 for our appetizer and entrees. Bahama mama was $7.99 and frozen mango lemonade $5.99 . Between me and you the Bahama mama was not worth it but all in all the food was good and the atmosphere was great and we enjoyed our mother daughter day together for a great price at Applebee’s and left with smiles.




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