High blood pressure 

High blood pressure

Ok people 
Lets be real for a minute 
You eat like crap, you don’t exercise and on top of that you’re stressed about being overweight and broke . And if you’re not broke you’re stressed about not going broke.
Worse if you’re genetically predisposed,you’re blood pressure is already high to begin with.
The fact simply is,if you’re on medication for high blood pressure…..take your Damn meds or your going to die .
I mean really it’s not called the silent killer for no reason.
If you’re fat, loose some weight 
Believe me,it will help in lowering your blood pressure. That fat that’s on your belly and on your hips is also present in your blood vessels and is killing you slowly.
You could get a stroke,kidney failure,dementia or even a fatal heart attack.
Needless for me to say the above could lead to a very poor quality of life,if any at all.
Can you imagine being stuck in a bed and not being able to wipe your own butt. Or not being able to get or maintain an erection again.
Get it together people.


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