To Be Or Not To Be A Vegetarian 

To be or not to be a vegetarian
I’ve always been a die hard meat eater. All types of meat, beef, chicken , even pork ( and that’s against my religion). You see I’m trying to turn over a new leaf. I am deathly scared of cancer and the incidences of cancer in people is steadily increasing. And I think to myself that there must be a correlation between the increase and the food that were eating. Have you ever bought chick in drumsticks and wondered to yourself ” how is it possible for it to get this big, and what kind of chicken did this come from a chicken, or even did it really come from a chicken”. And then to think of the hormones and antibiotics they’re feeding the animals. Which we intern ingest, how can we not get sick. The animals get so big that they’re feet can’t support their body . Chickens have no feathers . Cows have tumors and sores and they still sell them for our consumption. Well I’m making a stand . Today I am 1 month free of meat consumption . Join me in my struggle. On my journey to a healthier me. Free from meat.

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