See the twinkle in their eyes with their love –
Real love!
Oh the wonders, and adventure their actions portray.
They’re in love !
Real love!
She smiles the smile of a thousand smiles,
As their hearts runs a marathon, of a thousand miles.
crossing the finish line,
as they’ve exhausted all their wiles.
will their love still shine, shine, shine
In their eyes, eyes, eyes,
As they run, run, run,
Into the sun, sun, sun.

Up down fast slow-
Do we row, row, row, row,
On this endless sea of love
With forcefulness through the turbulence
Can’t seem to stop themselves from drowning
They’ve just Got to keep on rowing
Row, row, row, row,
Before the storm above descends
Happy, smiling, sad, crying.
The storm is here, can’t stop the crying,
Crying, crying, crying
Head spinning, heart aching, earth shaking love!
Real love.

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