Hey Mr.

Hey Mr. Before today you never met me

so then can you please tell me

why do you hate me

why did you pick me out of the crowd

walking innocently on the street

why did you choose to target me

Why do you want to eliminate me

If you had a gun would you try to shoot me

Or does it matter the manner in which you

try to kill me


You know you have a deadly weapon


And you deliberately tried to impose upon


To give me a death sentence I did not


To rob me of my ideas and my right to



Unfortunately for you

I knew you were out there

I knew you existed and that you are twisted

You see

I know HIV exist

And I will not fall for your tricks

I know I can’t identify you

And I might not be able to avoid falling for


But I will continue to protect myself from


Because knowledge is power

And right now abstinence is the only cure for you

And if I can’t avoid you let me remind you

No glove no love

For while I might give my love to you

I will not give my life to you

And it’s definitely not yours to take

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