The question 

Can you accept me for who I am

Do you even know who I am

Do you know me

Do you really know me

Can You see me

Can you really see me

Do you know what I like to do

when I’m alone, and free to choose to do

what I want to do.


Can you sense when I’m hurting,

when I’m really hurting

I put you on the inside which progresses to

the outside

When I’m crying on the inside and I’m

hurting on all sides



Do you know

Do you really know

Can you help

Can you help me

Can you help to heal the pain

The pain that you most undoubtedly


The hurt that’s all deep deep deep

That just Burns and consumes me


Can you soothe

Can you soothe the pain

The pain that starts off as a seed and grows

into a tree

That spreads to my limbs like the branches

of the tree

That I hide that I hide deep within

so no one can see this place and

How unhappy you have made me


Can you hear

can you hear me

I need help

can you help me

I need love

can you love me

So many questions

yet no one answers me

Because I must first love myself

to heal myself and be prepared to answer myself before anyone else can

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