My OMG Salmon Moment

About September last year I decided to eliminate meat from my diet all together , now I try not to eat meat at all. So my choices are now limited to fish and tofu.

My favorite fish is salmon, not only for its nutritional benefits but it tastes delicious

The problem is that it is one of the most expensive fish

The secret I’ve found to buying salmon is that if you buy the whole fish and then have them slice it in the fish market , it usually costs way less

Yesterday I was dying for a piece of salmon and did not want to pay $7.99 or $8.99per pound

I drove to Chang Lee supermarket  but their price was $7.99 per pound

I was disappointed and left as the whole salmon was gonna cost $123. Needless to say I kept on walking

I went to Brothers produce in the Bronx and bought slices 5 steaks which cost me $24

Today while on Webster ave I was starving and went in to get a piece of cooked fish in the fish market.

Now I will say their prices for slices and steaks were by no means great …. For example:

I can’t express how surprised I was when I looked at the whole salmon price and saw this

I picked up 2 whole fish that totaled $43

Then I added one more for good measure which came up to a total of $63

This is my most favorite fish store

Mega Seafood off Fordham and Webster ave

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