Steroids in meat 

So last year after seeing the uncontrollable increase in the incidences of cancer cases, I made the conscious decision to stop eating meat. Especially with the increased incidences of diabetes, obesity, htn, heart disease and so many other chronic illnesses that diet plays such a major role in their development.

Honestly I got scared, I got really scared

Now the major news story of the day, is that the NFL has now stated that eating meat from Mexico and China, can cause players to test positive for steroids. And therefore are not allowed to eat meat when visiting these places for away games. 

The NFL has also told the players will not be excused for positive tests as they have now been warned and are responsible for knowing what they’re putting inside their body. 

But hold on

Wait just one minute

Don’t we import the same meat from these same countries.

A matter of fact, how many times when you’re buying meat, do they tell you where the meat is from?

To tell the truth even local farmers give their animals anabolic steroids.

Apparently soccer players and other athletes in Mexico have been testing positive for steroids for years. And the substances have been banned for use, but farmers continue to use them . 

Check out the NFL note to players:


 I wonder what’s in the meat they sell us domestically ?

Especially because we’re responsible for knowing what we put in our body and all….lol

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