Things you should know part 1

Very important 

1.Never leave your house in dirty underwear 

 anything can happen to you, when you walk out of the safety of your home.

Just imagine  on a day that you’re just having the worst luck ever, you get hit by a car,or you’re in car accident  ,or you pass out for any number of possible medical reason, for example: a heart attack, a stroke, or your just really drunk.

There will be strangers in the form of EMS personnel, nurses and doctors undressing you. 

Yes ! they will be taking your clothes off; either in the streets, or in an emergency room with a room full of people!!!!!

Yes…they will try to maintain your dignity, and ensure your privacy as best as possible, but these conditions are emergent and your life depends on how quickly they gain access to your body to evaluate and treat your injuries

Meaning this is usually one of those times you will get to keep your clothes on…….. Because at the end of the day if you don’t get the treatment you need and end up suffering permanent injury or worse yet loosing your life …. You / or your family will be the same ones suing 

 No they will not mention your unmentionables, but if you’re awake to witness it, your embarrassment will be out of this world.

Same goes for taking showers, and attention to body odors …. They are not good, especially for that innocent person undressing you … Who now has to keep a straight face while tolerating these odors

These are things I guess that no one thinks  about…. But definitely something everyone should know 

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