The  search for chia seeds and highway Robbery 

I love Chia seeds
I add them to almost anything 

I add them to my salad, my smoothie, my cereal 

In short Chia seeds makes me happy

Chia seeds are beneficial because they rich in fiber, omega-3 fats, protein, vitamins and minerals 
 but finding Chia seeds at a reasonable price has been challenging to say the least

upon finding my supply of chia seeds low, I decided to embark to find some at a reasonable price. 

My search:

I began my search at Walgreens pharmacy 

I thought if it’s this is the price here, then for sure the price will be about the same at rite aid and I could use my 20% off wellness card
 Rite aid

Can you imagine my surprise !!!!!!!!

I was in shock and disappointed, I stood there trying to figure out the reason for the price difference ?

So I walked back to Walgreens and purchased the chia seeds for $12.99

because even though I would get a 20% off in rite aid, it  still wouldn’t compare to the price at Walgreens 
A few days later I was in stop and shop and decided to go in search of the chia seeds and this was their price 

Walgreens online 

Of course I would have to factor in shipping and time to wait for delivery 

Walmart online

So to my favorite pharmacy Rite Aid 

why is this product more expensive in your store, than anywhere else????

Why do all these stores charge different prices for the same product 

There is definitely something not right here……

I can tell you one thing for sure 

My next chia seed purchase will be done at Stop and Shop, as this really is the best value 

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