Safe staffing in nyc

I am calling on everyone 

Every man woman and child

Every one who has ever been sick 

Every one who has ever had a family member sick

Every one who has ever needed the care of a competent nurse 

: to give you care

 Advocate for you 

Medicate you

Do your dressings

Bathe you

Clean your 

Emotionally support you

Make you feel that everything’s going to be ok

The truth is that the nurses are your last line of defense 

If they don’t catch an error you’re dead

If they don’t have enough time to calculate your dosage you’re dead

If you don’t have enough nurses on staff, someone is dead

The nurses of NYC are trying to get a safe staffing bill passed 

This bill will ensure that the hospitals of NYC  have enough nurses available to give you the care you deserve and ensure the safety of the citizens of nyc and the family they love

Think about it, when you ring that call bell; who comes to answer?

The truth is, if your nurse didn’t respond, a majority of the time, it’s because she has more patients than she’s supposed to, and can’t come to your aid.

What happens when you work short staffed 

I have the answer : Errors happen 

The only difference is that in healthcare the error translates to someone’s life being lost 

The bill to support safe staffing is being debated on the assembly floor 

They don’t want NYC to have safe staffing 

Hon. Andy Goodell said no
Help the nurses

Tell these politicians to pass the bill

Tell the state senate to pass the bill!!!!!!

It will save lives

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