Who knew sage could do this!!!!!!

Everyone knows that herbs are used in the making of medicine 
 If you didn’t,now you do

well I got news for you guys 

sage !!!! Yes sage ….that we use to cook 

Is used to make medicine to treat digestive problems.

Studies have shown that sage is possibly effective for treating heartburn, gastritis,Alzheimer’s , improving mental clarity and improving cognition 

It’s also high in antioxidants and can help protect the body’s cells from damage
It can help in lowering blood glucose, and cholesterol levels, Improving alertness and mind performance

The list of potential benefits of this herb seems to be out of this world 
Why not incorporate a little bit in your diet?

But please remember everything in moderation 

Sage is possible unsafe when taken by mouth in high doses

Ok guys, this is where it got interesting for me: Apparently there is a chemical “thujone”in sage that can bring on a woman’s period so if pregnant; don’t take it due to risk of miscarriages 
It could lower blood sugar so watch out for signs of hypoglycemia 

Spanish sage apparently will elevate your blood pressure, while common sage will lower your blood pressure 
So the message here is proceed with caution !!!!

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