A Request to Chipotle Restaurant 

On several occasions upon visiting chipotle restaurant I have noticed that I have been treated differently, and that the portions that are placed in my order is very minuscule in comparison to that of other patrons.

I usually  will have to ask them to either place a little more to make my order complete. Usually there’s someone either in front of or behind me that if you compare their order and their portions to mine…. The difference is obvious

Today I went to chipotle restaurant in the Bronx and I was ordering for my daughters who weren’t present

The portion of steak that they placed on the bowl was so minuscule that I asked if he could place a little more…

The fellow literally added 2 pieces of steak on the bowl…. I laughed and shook my head

The customer inline behind me,was observing this interaction and verbalized her discontentment with what she observed

I continued with my order which was subpar in every item requested, and at the register I realized that, they had wrapped the tortilla ( on the side )for the three meals,was not wrapped individually   But was bundled in one piece of foil. 

The customer who was in line behind me and also expressed, that she also experienced the disparity in treatment whenever she visited this chipotle . She then told me she was not going to take it lying down, and that she was going to speak to the manager. I told her that I would support her, as these are the circumstances that I face every time I visit this chipotances that I face every time I visit this chipotle. She expressed her discontent as African American patrons of chipotle to the manager, And the disparity in treatment that we experience in chipotle is unacceptable . She proceeded to relay the interaction she observed between me and the employees and herself and the employees. The manager was very nice and asked what he could do to help. We told them to have your staff treat people fairly.

I really do enjoy the food that they offer and as I don’t eat meat, so my choices of food to eat is limited. But I cannot say that I enjoy being treated unfairly 

The sad thing is my children have witnessed this unfair treatment on several occasions, no words that I could say would make them feel better 

So I am asking chipotle restaurant, change the culture of unfairness and disparity that is permitted in your restaraunt towards certain ethnic groups

Don’t cause me or my children to feel out of place or unwelcome because we are different.

Thank you

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