How to avoid Service Interuption on your electric bill!!!!

A few times a year depending on where you live you will notice that your electric bill skyrockets 

either in the summer when you run your ac a lot or in the winter when you have to run heaters 

 if you live in a city like New York where both applies you will find yourself struggling to pay your bill.

Shit happens and you may fall behind…. You will find that they ( your electric company) will place high deposits on your account making it impossible for you to pay your already high bill.

Many people don’t know that:

If you contact them whether it’s Con-Edison or FPL and ask for the deposit to be removed they will remove it.

Also they will work with you to get you on track…. For the most part ….they can be reasonable 

Just remember …. Take these steps before it’s too late 

As if they show up to your door to disconnect 

These thugs don’t negotiate and it’s their way or the highway 

So save yourself the aggravation 

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