Does ones color dictate whether you give them the time of day????

One day I was talking to my brother, I asked him how come his girlfriends are always lighter in color?

I always thought that he just preferred girls that were lighter in color …

He said you know what sis ….ever since I was younger growing up … The only girls that would give me the time of day was the lighter ones

I would try to talk to the dark skinned girls, but they just weren’t interested ..

But the minute I looked at or said a word to the girls lighter in color, it was game on. 

Now I know that there are some people who are against interracial relationships

But it never occurred to me that some black women are not interested in some of their own black men because of their complexion

Wether it be that they’re too light, to dark or whatever the case may be …

Is this the same with men, does the color of the skin within your own race matter, does the girl you date have to be a specific shade of brown, black or whatever your choice of color.

I personally didn’t have a preference , if I liked you as a person, your color didn’t matter

What are your thoughts on this matter ?

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