Important Information !!!

Yes! I like to try new thingsMostly related to health and diet/recipes. 

Yes! l like to try old remedies

No! I don’t like to spend money, meaning the things I try are usually budget friendly

I do a lot of experiments, I just have to know if these things work for myself 

And believe me some experiments that I have conducted, are very embarrassing for lack of a better description, but the need to conduct the experiment was brought upon me out of need or even pain

Honestly I’m still trying to figure out how to present one particular remedy which I happened upon .

If you have an inquiring mind 

Or you just need a little bit of knowledge to guide you through a tough situation 

You really should be following my blog!!!

And if you just happened upon a particular problem and are wondering if there is a natural remedy 

Send a message and I promise to get back to you……

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