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Expert advice #2

Expert Advice for our children Hey bloggers 
I know we have a wide variety of experts in the community, I’m reaching out to you to help the up and coming, young people. Who could benefit from your advice and your expertise. I I’ll be asking questions to the different professionals out there.
Please share your knowledge, your expertise, your experiences with the younger generation, so they can be better prepared for the future

The second question for you experts 

How do you become a writer?

What courses should be taken, what are the best schools, what are the general steps in becoming a writer/journalist?

And how do you go about writing a book?

How do you get your work published?

Is this a good career choice?

And please feel free to share any other relevant information, to feel necessary 

Remember it takes a village to raise a child 

Burnt out and mistreated 

I remember the days I used to love to go to work When I used to have butterflies in my stomach the night before work 

When I was walking in I knew no matter what the day held 

We would face it together and we had each others backs

Now we are under staffed and overworked 

Now we have no time for breaks or to urinate

Now I walk into work , I walk in in fear I’m confident in my skills but that just isn’t enough 

You see I feel as if you’re always picking on me 

I’m already a by the book kind a girl

So if it’s not supposed to be there I did not put it there 

If its not supposed to be done that way ,it was not done by me

Even though some get annoyed when you tell them that’s not the right way 

And now I find you’re reprimanding me 

Screaming at me 

Telling me to clean up behind them 

Instead of telling them to clean up their mess 

Worse of all I am not a child 

I’m not your child 

So why are you screaming at me and not treating me like the professional that I am 

I try to treat a fly with the utmost respect 

Was it your intent to belittle me 

Was it your intent to try to make me feel smaller than I am

Is it that you do not know that I know what I am worth