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Expert Advice for our children 

Hey bloggers 

I know we have a wide variety of experts in the community, I’m reaching out to you to help the up and coming, young people. Who could benefit from your advice and your expertise. I I’ll be asking questions to the different professionals out there.

Please share your knowledge, your expertise, your experiences with the younger generation, so they can be better prepared for the future 

The first question I am going to ask is because it has a personal connection to me. 

My daughter who is now a senior in high school, wants to become a lawyer 

Now this is not my field, I am no expert.  She’s asking me questions like : what major  should I pick, which college is best, while I’m on the other side thinking ” how the heck am I going to pay for this….
So to all you lawyers, professors, law schools, or anyone with insight into the law profession , please what advice, insight, and information can you provide for our up and coming leaders of tomorrow