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What would you do if there was a nuclear attack????

Is it possible, it today’s society we must be truthful, Otis a possibility.

So then what do you do?

Honestly I’d like to think I be all action, and like grab the kids and grab my prepared supplies, assuming I knew exactly what I needed and where to go to be safe

But that is not so, I’m from the Caribbean where we are used to hurricanes so I’ll most likely have canned food , batteries and flashlights. But where do we go and how do we get there safely????

Well upon walking through the basement of my college I saw this sign

I didn’t know what it meant so I googled it….

Then I started is this a real fallout shelter?

Is this some big secret they’re keeping from me?

Or is it some old remnant from the civil wars?

So I googled it….

And then the Bronx ..

There is an official website for disaster preparedness,, and it says….

If interested

Anyway all in a day of learning

Happy Nurses Week

I would like to think that me being there in what most would describe as the the worst, scariest time of their life, made things just a little better for you, and your family.

You see… even though you’re critically ill enough to be an ICU patient, you are stable at this time, and I will do everything I can to keep you that way.

I usually tell my patients and family, when you see a worried look on my face, then there’s cause for concern ( not telling them that over the years I’ve gotten so good at masking my emotions, that when that look occurs, the poop is about to hit the fan)

No matter the struggles we experience on the unit, how understaffed we are, when we are close to tears because your loved one needs to be cleaned or medicated, and we just don’t have the man power, we suck it up get the job down and you don’t know…..

We feel genuine happiness when we see you in the future, and you’ve not just survived, you’ve flourished, and now have a new leash on life(working in the ICU, or ER you don’t even know what we’ve been through together….)

Along the way, we’ve become family, friends, teachers,students, preceptors, Aprns and more

We’ve gone to Med Surg, ER, ICUs, Clinics, L&D ,Rehab, and Nursing Homes

I want to say a big Thank you, to all of you wonderful nurses out there. You truly deserve it. Keep doing what you do.