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Anything is possible

Half the battle in any war is believing you can win

If you don’t believe that you can win, then you have given up even before you have started fighting and by so doing, have already lost the battle.

Just remember that Anything worth having is worth fighting for, and if it was easy then everyone would have it, do it, be it, or have achieved it.

Know your worth, value, and potential. Nothing will be given to us easily, but hard-work pays off.

See your future….. and go get it

This is the talk I just gave myself…… thought I might share with someone who needed to hear the same

Not all Teachers we’re meant to teach ……

So I’m sitting in a precalc class, and the thought going through my mind is that not all teachers were meant to be teachers. Not because you’re enjoying your self doesn’t mean that you’re students are learning anything. If you have left your students scratching their heads and saying what the heck, ( in every class) Huston there is a problem.

When you’re students have to leave the class and teach themselves everything, and studypug makes it so easily comprehensible then Huston there is a problem.

I won’t get depressed


I’m just going to teach myself the material. And figure this mess out myself. I know I’m not a dummy, but when no one in class understands even the teachers trick method to completing the square , then we don’t have a chance in hell here.

Smh smh smh

Now I know what my kids are going through