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Congratulations !!!!!!

I am overjoyed as this week my baby girl nadia graduated from talent Unlimited High school.

She is an amazing intelligent young lady …… who is talented beyond my wildest dreams , has the voice of an angel and has made me so proud…

she will be continuing her college education at spelman college in the fall as a freshman. Where she will continue to be amazing, hardworking, dedicated woman she has become.
They have been my reason to live

My inspiration my motivation and at times my salvation.

Now I prepare myself, as my baby girl is preparing to go off to spelman college in Georgia
I’m again overjoyed as this school was mat easy to get into and it was a major accomplishment… and validation that hard work does pay off
I’m in this moment heart broken as this means she will be going off to Georgia and out of my reach
Well steph I guess it will be you waking me up and helping me find my keys….lol
But really

For you guys who don’t know us

It has always been three

It has always been us

It has always been the two of them 

We are always together 

They are always together

They grew up together

Now they’ll be apart for the first time in 16 years
I love these young ladies endlessly 

I’m proud to call them my daughters

I’ll always be there for them

Dear spelman

I am sending you my prized possession

Don’t make me come see you…

M.S. 180 ….. thank you
Ms Forbes…. we love you
Ms Skoog ….. thank you

Talent Unlimited High school…thank you

David Ebershoff….. thanks for taking the time to inspire her young mind
Thanks to everyone for The love and support

Expert advice #2

Expert Advice for our children Hey bloggers 
I know we have a wide variety of experts in the community, I’m reaching out to you to help the up and coming, young people. Who could benefit from your advice and your expertise. I I’ll be asking questions to the different professionals out there.
Please share your knowledge, your expertise, your experiences with the younger generation, so they can be better prepared for the future

The second question for you experts 

How do you become a writer?

What courses should be taken, what are the best schools, what are the general steps in becoming a writer/journalist?

And how do you go about writing a book?

How do you get your work published?

Is this a good career choice?

And please feel free to share any other relevant information, to feel necessary 

Remember it takes a village to raise a child 

Expert Advice for our children 

Hey bloggers 

I know we have a wide variety of experts in the community, I’m reaching out to you to help the up and coming, young people. Who could benefit from your advice and your expertise. I I’ll be asking questions to the different professionals out there.

Please share your knowledge, your expertise, your experiences with the younger generation, so they can be better prepared for the future 

The first question I am going to ask is because it has a personal connection to me. 

My daughter who is now a senior in high school, wants to become a lawyer 

Now this is not my field, I am no expert.  She’s asking me questions like : what major  should I pick, which college is best, while I’m on the other side thinking ” how the heck am I going to pay for this….
So to all you lawyers, professors, law schools, or anyone with insight into the law profession , please what advice, insight, and information can you provide for our up and coming leaders of tomorrow 

Conversations with my daughter 

Being a parent in today’s society is not exactly the easiest thing… my girls are now 15 and 17(almost 18). And I have rules that I have always abided by.

A sore spot for me is the topic of sleep overs….. I don’t allow it

  • I can’t account for what happens in other people’s homes behind closed doors…. and if you harm a hair on the head of my child…. you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and I won’t even think twice about it….

So My seventeen year old made a good case for celebrating a friends birthday at a sleepover…. I mean the parents called for permission ( as they know how I am with my baby) and everything seemed to be on the up and up… so I said if you get your dad to says yes,then I’ll support that decision

Dad said yes ,  when it was time for her to leave, my 15 year old caught wind of the situation and discovered that she would be without her sister from Friday night to Sunday evening-
That little Girl started crying  and hugging her sister( I thought she was Kidding) but I was informed by her sister that she was really crying….lol

This morning I woke up ,  my 15 year old daughter said to me:

You know, you and dad need to be cautious about what you’re saying yes to-

I said you mean like you tricked me into getting your ears pierced

She said no, that’s not the same thing

You see she’s leaving next year for College , and we don’t have a lot of time left with her….

This can’t happen again……

So there you have it I was being chastised by my 15 year old daughter…..lmao

I just walked away dying of laughter

Feeling conflicted … what would you have done?

Walking into the library today 

I found a bottle of citaprolam on the 

I handed it to the security guard,

and he just put it an the counter beside 


where anyone passing by can see or pick 

it up……

The nurse in me cringed ,as the person’s 

name and personal information is clearly 

visible for the world to see…

I tried to indicate that this was not the 

right place for him to place it but  he just 

laughed at my shocked expression… 

On the end I just walked away, as I knew 

within myself that I hahdone the right 


Short Staffing NYC

I am a Registered Nurse and I  am writing this letter, because there is indeed a crisis in New York healthcare. The staffing levels in nyc is at a critical level. patients are not receiving the care that they deserve, need, and require for survival. The fact is that when a nurses are forced to work with high nurse to patient ratios, patients are at risk to die, they get infections, they get injured. They don’t get the education and teaching that they need.  Nurse understaffing in hospitals increases the risk and rates of hospital acquired pneumonia, shock, cardiac arrest, as well as failure to rescue, which climbed due to unsafe staffing. Unsafe staffing not only leads to death but also costs the hospital a significant amount of money. Understaffing of registered nurses contributes to increased Length of stay, urinary tract infections, cases of upper gastrointestinal bleeding, all increased due to unsafe staffing ratios.

I have practiced as a registered nurse in nyc for 9 years ,8 years in the AED of a Busy level one trauma center in the Bronx, and the last year has been spent in the medical icu of the same hospital. It has been my experience that the number of patients assigned tome has a direct impact on my ability to appropriately assess, monitor, and care for my patients. Safe nurse staffing reduces turnover in hospitals compared to understaffing, increased turnover and decreased patient satisfaction.

Turnover is expensive, the average cost to replace a registered nurse ranges from 82000 to 88000. Nurses are being burnt out and leaving the profession. I am no exception to this, you see I consider myself a good nurse but, I cannot continue to work under these conditions, and this is the reason that we are seeking your is said that If nothing is done, nothing happens, this is not true, if nothing is done patients die. In my hospital even though they are aware of the appropriate and safe patient ratios, they still have unsafe staffing ratios on a daily basis. For years, my RN colleagues have expressed frustration and concern when working chronically understaffed shifts. Safe staffing levels are key to patient safety and nurse retention

There is numerous evidence research to support the benefits of safe staffing ratios. For example, the journal of American medical association stated that hospitals that staff one to eight nurse to patient ratios vs one to four patient ratios experience an additional 5 deaths per year per 1000 patients. 1 avoidable death is too much, 5 per 1000 is astronomical. Patients go to hospitals to get better, not to be placed at risk and die.
We need your help in assuring the safety of our patients. Don’t force me to choose which patient is going to die if I am not present. I am only one person and can only be in one place at a time. Don’t force me to choose between a patient that has had a massive stroke and needs critical management vs my patient who is actively seizing and needs medication now vs my patient who is having an asthma exacerbation and also needs medication now to breathe. But this is exactly the decision that I am forced to make on a daily basis. Even in my current unit there is supposed to be a nurse to patient ratio of one nurse to two patients, with the exception of those patient who needs one to one nursing care, but the ratio and safety of the patients is blatantly disregarded by the healthcare facility and the ratio on some days is as much as one nurse to four patients.

For this reason, I am asking you to support the safe staffing for quality care act (S782 and A1548/8580). This legislation will ensure the safety of our patients by setting the maximum number of patients a nurse a nurse can care for at a time. Hospitals must be required to meet the minimum nurse to patient staffing standards. Help our patients receive the care they need and deserve, pass the Safe Staffing for Quality Care Act.