Applebee’s review

My experience in Applebee’s
I arrived with my daughter and was promptly seated in a booth for two with menus.
Within 5 minutes someone was present to take our order, she was pleasant and professional.

A few minutes later another server just passed by very quickly and dropped some kind of wings on our table stated ” your wings “and kept walking,we looked at each other in surprise because we didn’t order any wings . We stopped a passing server not the one that did the drive by and told them we didn’t order the wings and she took it away.
A few minutes later Tara returned with our drinks and appetizer . We had the spinach & artichoke dip with nachos,frozen mango lemonade and a Bahama mama. Then within five minutes of that our entrees arrived. The Oriental chicken salad and the Applebee’s Riblet basket.The frozen mango lemonade was good ,the Bahama mamma was just ok , the Asian salad was very good an 8 out of ten for me and my daughter loved the rib. I wish they had placed a little more thought in the presentation of the entrees because on first inspection you wouldn’t have thought the food tasted that good just by looking at the dishes .The best thing about this meal was the cost was 2 for 20, which meant that for me and my daughter it cost a total $20 for our appetizer and entrees. Bahama mama was $7.99 and frozen mango lemonade $5.99 . Between me and you the Bahama mama was not worth it but all in all the food was good and the atmosphere was great and we enjoyed our mother daughter day together for a great price at Applebee’s and left with smiles.




Is There a cure for Ebola ?

What is Ebola ?

Ebola is a rare and deadly disease cause by infection with the Ebola virus.
A virus that causes severe bleeding ,organ failure and can also lead to death.

Ebola is spread through direct contact with blood or body fluids of a person who is already showing symptoms of the Ebola infection.
Signs and symptom may appear between 2 to 21 days after exposure to the Ebola virus.
Those at highest risk are healthcare workers and family and friends of Ebola patients


Symptoms include

Severe headache
Muscle pain
Abdominal (stomach) pain
Unexplained hemorrhage (bleeding or bruising)

So what is the treatment?

No FDA approved vaccine or medicine is currently available for treatment and prevention of Ebola .
According to the cdc Symptoms are treated as they appear
The following basic interventions are used and can improve your chances of survival when used early

Providing IV fluids
Maintaining oxygen status and blood pressure
Treating other infections if they appear

Experimental vaccines for Ebola are currently being developed, but have not been fully tested for safety and effectiveness .
People who recover from Ebola develop antibodies that last at least 10 years maybe longer but is is unclear if they have immunity for life

And experimental drug currently being developed for treatment of Ebola is zmapp, this drug according to a cnn article was given to Dr. kent Bradly and Nancy Writebol . This drug is an experimental serum and is engineered from antibodies harvested in mice. No one knows how much this drug is responsible for the recovery of the people who received the doses but there is now a very high demand for the drug.
Unfortunately the process used to make this drug is very costly and the authorities are seeking other ways to manufacture the drug which are less costly and more efficient


My little kitty

I have a little kitty whose name is Bae,
She’s the most beautiful kitty I dare say.
She is soft and cuddly And loves to play,
My pretty kitty whose name is Bae.
My little kitty whose name is bae,
She waits by the window every day.
Then upon my arrival She follows me deep into the house,
She rolls on her back with her paws in the air
then waits for me to tend to her there.
She likes it when I rub her tummy.
But sometimes she gets a little grumpy
even then I love my little spunky kitty named Bae.
On days when I am at home all day,She finds her way straight to my bed
Sometimes she’s on the windowsill Or in a comfy spot on my bed
where she then lays her head
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My little kitty named Bae.
She really likes a lot of attention
I give it to her without exception.
I have so many ways to show her affection
To make her feel loved is my intention.
I guess all I’m trying to say is that
I simply just love my little kitty named Bae