My little kitty

I have a little kitty whose name is Bae,
She’s the most beautiful kitty I dare say.
She is soft and cuddly And loves to play,
My pretty kitty whose name is Bae.
My little kitty whose name is bae,
She waits by the window every day.
Then upon my arrival She follows me deep into the house,
She rolls on her back with her paws in the air
then waits for me to tend to her there.
She likes it when I rub her tummy.
But sometimes she gets a little grumpy
even then I love my little spunky kitty named Bae.
On days when I am at home all day,She finds her way straight to my bed
Sometimes she’s on the windowsill Or in a comfy spot on my bed
where she then lays her head
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My little kitty named Bae.
She really likes a lot of attention
I give it to her without exception.
I have so many ways to show her affection
To make her feel loved is my intention.
I guess all I’m trying to say is that
I simply just love my little kitty named Bae

Colon cancer

What is colon cancer?

Abnormal growth can occur in the colon and rectum called polyps. These polyps can be detected and removed with early screening but if left unchecked and not removed they can continue to grow and become cancerous.
No one knows the cause of colon cancers but risk factors have been identified that places you at increased risk for getting colon cancer Risk factors: or personal history of colon
2.Agenetic syndrome
3.Smoking/Tobacco use
4. Being obese/overweight
5.low fiber diet
6.Decreased physical activity. 7.inflammatory bowel disease 8.Crohn’s disease,Ulcerative colitis,9.Alcohol consumption Treatment The best treatment suggested is early detection because treatment options vary depends on the stages of the cancer and the earlier it is detected the greater the chance is for survival
Stage 0 treatment:Usually surgery to remove the cancer is all that is needed at this stage because the cancer has not moved beyond the lining of the stomach.
Stage I treatment:In this stage the cancer has grown through several layers of the colon so treatment includes surgical removal of the section of the colon that has cancer called colectomy. Usually no other treatment is necessary
Stage IIUsually these cancers have gown through the wall of the colon and is now also in nearby tissue so treatment includes surgery to remove sections of the colon containing cancer. If completely removed this may be the only treatment necessary but in this stage some doctors recommend chemotherapy after surgery if they think the cancer will return
Stage III Treatment In this stage we now have lymph node involvement but the cancer has no spread to other parts of the body, so treatment includes surgery to remove areas of the colon and lymph nodes involved ,followed by chemotherapy is the standard treatment for this stage. Your doctor may suggest radiation therapy if it is thought that cancer cells may have been left behind.
Stage IV Treatment:In this stage the cancer has now spread from the colon to other organs/areas in the body . Usually to the lung or liver , therefore the treat will include surgery to remove areas.containing cancer cells ( if area is not to large to remove). Chemotherapy is usually given before and after surgery , because surgery usually not enough to cure the cancer by itself in this stage . If the cancer is too large for surgical removal then chemotherapy is usually the main treatment .For advanced cancers radiation therapy may be suggested to help relieve symptoms and prevent pain . While this may shrink the tumor it is unlikely to result in a cure .

Pumpkin seeds the new super food

Does Pumpkin seeds have health benefits?

I grew up on the islands of Jamaica, and as long as I can remember I recall all pumpkin seeds being removed from pumpkins and thrown into the garbage . So imagine my surprise a few years ago when I read that pumpkin seeds were good for you and some kind of super food .
Well me being the curious soul that I am , I didn’t want to not give it a. Shot,it was time for research…..

Here’s what I found
Pumpkin seeds are high in a wide variety of nutrients including magnesium,manganese,zinc, omega 3s, vitamin k,vitamin e,vitamin b group,copper,it’s rich in tryptophan which aids sleep and lowering depression,anti inflammatory properties , assists in prostate health and alleviates difficult urination and assists in building immunity.

Needless to say I am impressed with the listed properties so my next phase was trying these seeds.
The price is very reasonable compared to other nuts. I paid $3 in my local store. The tasted ok ,no after taste but I figured the best way to enjoy them was to add to my yogurt,cereal,or salads. And they are super easy to find

So in my opinion pumpkin seeds receive two thumbs up . So go ahead and give it a try it’s worth it .

Ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer

Where did this come from?
Who is at risk ?
What causes it?
And most importantly how do I prevent it ?

These are just a few of the questions that women have about ovarian cancer.
I remember when I first learned about ovarian cancer in nursing school, I was shocked,angry and scared , you see the risk factors included being a woman,never being pregnant,never giving birth of a live child,family history,age of menstruation initiation, age of menopause,smoking,use of an intrauterine device ,poly cystic ovarian syndrome ,overweight/obesity,using talc based body powder and the list just goes on .
I really felt like damned if you do and damned if you don’t. There are things you can preventbut but a majority of the the risk factors you have absolutely no control over.

The reality is no one really knows what really causes ovarian cancer so how in this world are we supposed prevent it?

According to the American cancer society women who use oral contraceptives for at least 5 years reduces their risk for developing ovarian cancer. Having had tubal ligation and or  hysterectomy reduces the risk for developing ovarian cancer  and genetic testing for women with strong family history to see if they have a genetic mutation and have a higher risk for developing ovarian cancer.

symptoms include

abdominal swelling and weight loss,menstrual changes,pain during sex,constipation,pain that starts suddenly, with no relief.trouble eating and feeling full quickly,urinary urgency or frequency, fatigue, upset stomach and back pain.

However these symptoms can be caused by other conditions so see your gynecologist and medical doctor for further diagnosis.

according to the American cancer society the 5 year survival rate for all ovarian cancer is 45%. The key to survival with ovarian cancer as with any other cancer is early detection. Thie earlier the cancer is found , the better the chance of survival .

If you notice something that is not right with your body , something not normal for you.get it checked just might save your life

Does Reiki work on cats

Does reiki works on cats? For the past few months I have developed an interest in reiki and have started to research and practice. I would meditate , read, do my self healing exercises and if my children would have a headache or sinus problems I would use my reiki to help them. They tell me they feel the heat and the tingling and other sensations where I lay my hands on them . This morning was very cold and my cat sounded congested when she came into my room. She came to lay down beside me and I thought how uncomfortable she sounds. I wondered if the reiki could relieve her discomfort. I placed one hand on her and gave her a short session maybe about two to three minutes . And to my delight her congestion cleared up and the darn cat stretched out went to sleep. So now I know my reiki works just as well on humans as my cat.