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My journey on the Rapid K programĀ 

I guess I should write about this diet /detox journey I have embarked upon 
I’ve been seeing people with bandaids at various locations behind their ears 

Upon inquiry, I was informed that it was for weight loss …. I was curious I must admit, so I set up an appointment for an orientation for more information 
On Tuesday night I attended the orientation, I was fascinated to find out that this program was not just for weight loss but a detox 
Yes !!! I wanted to be rid of the endless amount of toxins and hormones which I acquired and stored over my many years of life….

I was relishing the possibility that I may finally rid myself of them.

The program was explained to me.

 I knew it wouldn’t be easy , but I don’t eat meat so I knew I was ahead of the game.

The cost wa $150 for the initial visit which entailed getting two steel balls placed behind my ears, weigh in and measurements, and a packet with recipes and instructions on how to go about the process .

I did think the price was a little high, but if all I’d be eating was cabbage and milk it would balance out and the results were definitely worth it!!!!!
Day 1 and 2

Uncooked Cabbage, apples.watermelon, and carrots , were the only foods allowed 

64oz of water a must 

No food before 11 am or after 6 pm

By the second day this started to taste good 

Day 3 and 4 

24-28 ounces Organic whole milk only 

64 oz of water a must 

No food before 11 am or after 6 pm

I had the option of almond or coconut milk but I just stuck with the regular organic milk 
Oh! and the balls behind my ears must be rotated every two hours.

Today is Saturday and day 4 of the program 

I must admit I’m not hungry 

Find myself now really energized 

And I’m really looking forward to the veggie day tomorrow…lol

I thought I’d be staving and experiencing hypoglycemic symptoms 

Thankfully that is not the case , and I’m looking forward to what the rest of this program has to offer.

Anyway even though I find myself very busy, I’ll try to keep you posted on this amazing journey 


How amazing 

I brought this plant from Florida to ny and planted it . 

That was on September third

A leaf fell from the tree 

And look what happened 

The leaf of life plant!!!!!!

So far two new plants are growing from one leaf

Now I understand the name!!!!

And just look at my aloe plant 

I took that one from my brothers yard 

I got tired of all the different variations and wanted the real deal

I also brought a moringa sucker that was under this tree

I was skeptical as to if it would survive but look at it now 

I have another moringa plant which I’ve been nursing all summer , I bought it on Amazon and thought it had died 

But when I was going to dump the root I noticed it was not dead 

So I replanted it and here it is today

Now that I have introduced you to some of my favorite plants I am trying to grow in New York weather, next we will be talking about their health benefits 

I’m surprised everyday 

Rules to live by

What do you believe in?

What is important to you?

What makes you happy?

What are your goals for your future?

These are important questions to be asked in everyone’s life. I personally still don’t have all the answers to these questions. I am a work in progress. My goals are constantly changing, and I am yet to realize my full potential , I don’t even know what that is yet. No one knows or understands me  better than myself. I must first love and understand myself before anyone else will.

I will never let anyone talk down to me or belittle me, never let anyone cause me to believe that I am less than who I am, as I know who I am and that my possibilities are endless.

I am a woman

I am a mother 

I am strong

And I will continue to get stronger and will never give up

These are my rules to live by

What are yours?