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Anything is possible

Half the battle in any war is believing you can win

If you don’t believe that you can win, then you have given up even before you have started fighting and by so doing, have already lost the battle.

Just remember that Anything worth having is worth fighting for, and if it was easy then everyone would have it, do it, be it, or have achieved it.

Know your worth, value, and potential. Nothing will be given to us easily, but hard-work pays off.

See your future….. and go get it

This is the talk I just gave myself…… thought I might share with someone who needed to hear the same

Congratulations !!!!!!

I am overjoyed as this week my baby girl nadia graduated from talent Unlimited High school.

She is an amazing intelligent young lady …… who is talented beyond my wildest dreams , has the voice of an angel and has made me so proud…

she will be continuing her college education at spelman college in the fall as a freshman. Where she will continue to be amazing, hardworking, dedicated woman she has become.
They have been my reason to live

My inspiration my motivation and at times my salvation.

Now I prepare myself, as my baby girl is preparing to go off to spelman college in Georgia
I’m again overjoyed as this school was mat easy to get into and it was a major accomplishment… and validation that hard work does pay off
I’m in this moment heart broken as this means she will be going off to Georgia and out of my reach
Well steph I guess it will be you waking me up and helping me find my keys….lol
But really

For you guys who don’t know us

It has always been three

It has always been us

It has always been the two of them 

We are always together 

They are always together

They grew up together

Now they’ll be apart for the first time in 16 years
I love these young ladies endlessly 

I’m proud to call them my daughters

I’ll always be there for them

Dear spelman

I am sending you my prized possession

Don’t make me come see you…

M.S. 180 ….. thank you
Ms Forbes…. we love you
Ms Skoog ….. thank you

Talent Unlimited High school…thank you

David Ebershoff….. thanks for taking the time to inspire her young mind
Thanks to everyone for The love and support

A Mothers Love

A Mothers Love
A mothers love never dies

It cocoons and shields you while you are growing

It cushions you from all your bumps and bruises when you are falling

It smoothly wipes away your tears when you are crying

And hangs around and comforts you even when you think you are dying

It’s that cloak that you are wrapped in that offers invincibility

She’s the first one to make you think that anything is possible and that you can change the world

It’s the thing present for all major events or milestones in your life, whether it’s a graduation, birthday, or when you’ve choosen to take a husband or wife

Even if she’s not there physically, she’s still with you because she is in your heart and all around you

That feeling that you are special,

When you just know that you are loved

When you know your possibilities are endless

And just have that feeling deep inside that every thing is going to be alright

That all began with your mother’s love

So I say Thank you to all the mothers out there

But especially to my mom

Happy Mother’s Day

Conversations with my daughter 

Being a parent in today’s society is not exactly the easiest thing… my girls are now 15 and 17(almost 18). And I have rules that I have always abided by.

A sore spot for me is the topic of sleep overs….. I don’t allow it

  • I can’t account for what happens in other people’s homes behind closed doors…. and if you harm a hair on the head of my child…. you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and I won’t even think twice about it….

So My seventeen year old made a good case for celebrating a friends birthday at a sleepover…. I mean the parents called for permission ( as they know how I am with my baby) and everything seemed to be on the up and up… so I said if you get your dad to says yes,then I’ll support that decision

Dad said yes ,  when it was time for her to leave, my 15 year old caught wind of the situation and discovered that she would be without her sister from Friday night to Sunday evening-
That little Girl started crying  and hugging her sister( I thought she was Kidding) but I was informed by her sister that she was really crying….lol

This morning I woke up ,  my 15 year old daughter said to me:

You know, you and dad need to be cautious about what you’re saying yes to-

I said you mean like you tricked me into getting your ears pierced

She said no, that’s not the same thing

You see she’s leaving next year for College , and we don’t have a lot of time left with her….

This can’t happen again……

So there you have it I was being chastised by my 15 year old daughter…..lmao

I just walked away dying of laughter


Gay ?


To me it doesn’t really matter. My heart is breaking for the senseless loss of life in Orlando Florida. There is no reason that could justify these actions. No! I am not gay, but That doesn’t matter, I see myself, and my children in the faces and the eyes of all those who were tragically ripped away from the arms of those who loved them.

I’ve been trying to figure out why I feel so broken on the inside, while scrolling through a post on Facebook titled “the faces of pulse“,looking at the faces ; I found myself crying from the loss I felt while smiling at the character, personality, and joy in the faces staring back at me.

I did not know these people, but my heart is mourning their loss


my prayers go out to the loved ones of those lost, and I hope you will find the strength you will surely need to get you through this difficult time.