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Conversations with my daughter 

Being a parent in today’s society is not exactly the easiest thing… my girls are now 15 and 17(almost 18). And I have rules that I have always abided by.

A sore spot for me is the topic of sleep overs….. I don’t allow it

  • I can’t account for what happens in other people’s homes behind closed doors…. and if you harm a hair on the head of my child…. you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and I won’t even think twice about it….

So My seventeen year old made a good case for celebrating a friends birthday at a sleepover…. I mean the parents called for permission ( as they know how I am with my baby) and everything seemed to be on the up and up… so I said if you get your dad to says yes,then I’ll support that decision

Dad said yes ,  when it was time for her to leave, my 15 year old caught wind of the situation and discovered that she would be without her sister from Friday night to Sunday evening-
That little Girl started crying  and hugging her sister( I thought she was Kidding) but I was informed by her sister that she was really crying….lol

This morning I woke up ,  my 15 year old daughter said to me:

You know, you and dad need to be cautious about what you’re saying yes to-

I said you mean like you tricked me into getting your ears pierced

She said no, that’s not the same thing

You see she’s leaving next year for College , and we don’t have a lot of time left with her….

This can’t happen again……

So there you have it I was being chastised by my 15 year old daughter…..lmao

I just walked away dying of laughter