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The simple things in life brings the greatest joy 

Just along my walk today, I found little things that made me just stop, look , and breathe 

For example 

This simple flower filled with awesome beauty 

I had no words for this, just wondering from whence it came


This dandelion forced me to take a closer look 

And closer yet

I just sat staring at this one

For no particular reason 

Just simple beauty

Thanks for sharing a moment in my day


How amazing 

I brought this plant from Florida to ny and planted it . 

That was on September third

A leaf fell from the tree 

And look what happened 

The leaf of life plant!!!!!!

So far two new plants are growing from one leaf

Now I understand the name!!!!

And just look at my aloe plant 

I took that one from my brothers yard 

I got tired of all the different variations and wanted the real deal

I also brought a moringa sucker that was under this tree

I was skeptical as to if it would survive but look at it now 

I have another moringa plant which I’ve been nursing all summer , I bought it on Amazon and thought it had died 

But when I was going to dump the root I noticed it was not dead 

So I replanted it and here it is today

Now that I have introduced you to some of my favorite plants I am trying to grow in New York weather, next we will be talking about their health benefits 

I’m surprised everyday